Happy 2016

Today is a new day.  A new month.  A new year.  Last night was New Year’s Eve and I was reading a blog Saying no to New Years resolutions about how we put so much pressure on ourselves to change our lives in the New Year, but we often forget to give ourselves credit for what we have accomplished in the last year.  So today, to start the new year, I would like to look at all that I have accomplished.

In May 2015 I took my first vacation in 6 years!  It was also my first vacation ever without my son (Isaiah) since he was born (he will be 18 next month) I visited with family I hadn’t seen in 10 years!  It was emotional and healing and filled with love.  It made me realize I need to make traveling and family a priority.

Somewhere around June or July I started setting New Moon goals.  Now, before you start thinking I’m going cray cray, here is the scoop.  The moon cycles every month.  The New Moon to the full moon is when things are increasing and the full Moon to the New Moon is when the moon is decreasing.  So basically it is a monthly goal setting and gives you an idea of when to start something new and when to let go.  If you look at the Farmer’s Almanac, they follow the moon for weather and planting crops.  I have found it a great way to set goals because after several months of doing this I was able to see just how many things I had accomplished in a short period of time just by writing it down.

Some time around July I also started to trust myself!  I finally started learning that sometimes, that feeling in the pit of your stomach or that notion is for a reason.  Don’t ever let someone think that you are crazy for feeling the way you feel.  Sometimes you may be over reacting, but if you take a moment and validate how you are feeling, there is a reason.  Even if it’s not what you think, honor your own feelings!  You will learn something about yourself if nothing else.

In September  2015 I got a new car!  I went from a 2002 Chevy Malibu which was falling apart, missing mirrors, etc to a 2013 Ford Focus.  It feels so good to be safe and secure in my new car.  Shortly after that, I met Christopher Johnson.  He has been a facebook friend for years and I admire his poetry and writing so I asked to meet and pick his brain one day.  I had just started writing more and had some questions.

Soon after that in October, I met Wendy Grossman via Christopher Johnson.  Christopher shared Wendy’s blog on “Why I love Black Culture” and it got me thinking and writing.  I then met with Wendy to share my writing and she asked to post the essay on her blog.  (Check out Wendy’s blog) The post spread throughout Facebook and people started complimenting me on my writing.  Some of my closest friends were in shock that they never knew I could write.

So when November rolled around I decided to start my own blog.  I had no idea what I was doing and I am still learning a lot.  I have been writing for over 20 years, but until I actually shared my writing, I had no idea I was good at it!  I also had no clue people would want to read it.  What I am just starting to see is how inspiring and encouraging the WordPress community is and I am loving building within this community.

In December I got tickets to see one of my favorite performers, India Arie, in concert with my son.  It was an amazing show and I was thrilled to share the experience with my son. I actually blogged about that too.

Looking back, I have had an amazing year!  I feel like I have accomplished a lot.  When I look through my journals at the monthly goals I have set over the past year I can see even more personal growth and accomplishments. 
As far as the year to come, I will continue to set my monthly goals.  I will definitely focus more on my writing and blogging.  I would like to plan some kind of vacation for this year as well and I would definitely be okay with meeting the love of my life somewhere along the way in 2016.  Whatever the New Year brings, I know that I will start each day thankful for what I already have and I can look back at how far I have come. Happy 2016!