😍I’m in love 💜

I’m in love.  It’s funny, because I have known my object of affection for over 20 years and it was only recently that I realized how I felt about them  Then all of a sudden, one day, it clicked.  I couldn’t get enough!  I wanted more.  I NEEDED more!  I wanted to eat, sleep, drink, … Continue reading 😍I’m in love 💜

Deep thoughts…from the sauna!?

So we are just one week into the new year and I'm loving my gym time!  I have been here 6 out of 7 days this week.  Now, before you go telling me to “slow down” and  “don't over do it”, please save your breath.  I have been over doing it for months now.  Over … Continue reading Deep thoughts…from the sauna!?