White Washed World

So I went to the bookstore after work today to kill some time before picking up my son from work.  I wasn't really looking for anything in particular but the more I walked around browsing, the more I started thinking of books I wanted to check out.  So I was looking in religion and philosophy,  … Continue reading White Washed World


Bailamos!  Or as we say in english, let's dance (we dance)!   I don't know about you but I love to dance!  Sure, sometimes I may be a wall flower or you can find me chair dancing, but put on the right song and forget it, you will have to drag me OFF the dance floor. … Continue reading Bailamos!

Full Moon Reflections

One of the things I love about where I live is the fact that the ocean is only minutes away.  I have always lived here, near the ocean.  There is something so peaceful about the sounds of the water.  There is nothing quite like the air and breeze coming off the salt water.  It is … Continue reading Full Moon Reflections

Party Time

Since I started writing more I have been cooking less.  Well this weekend I was in party mode.  I'm usually very social and even through the winter I will have dinner parties and get togethers.  I haven't done much of anything but hibernate since the holidays ended.  This weekend I planned a family get together … Continue reading Party Time

For Always and Forever

You will be my Saturday Love... "When I look at you Memories of love Like no one before You stay on my mind" We all have that one person like this.  That one person that maybe you always had a thing for but it never quite worked out.  Maybe the timing was off.  They were … Continue reading For Always and Forever

Pure Poetry

The count down is on til Valentine's day.  That's right, just two days and my baby boy, my "pooky bear" will be 18 years old.  So I'm sticking with my theme of posting songs by black artists for black history and incorporating love quotes from songs.  Last night I was looking for a song to … Continue reading Pure Poetry

I’m Curious…

So I was trying to figure out what song I wanted to share today.  It was hard after listening to Stevie for the past 24 hours! I have a tendency to do that though.  You know, when you listen to some song or artist you haven't been listening to lately and then you just can't … Continue reading I’m Curious…

I Don’t Want to Bore You With It…

"Oh but I love you, I love you.... I LOOOOVVVEE YOU!"  So I've been posting the love quotes from songs by black artists the last 3 days but I started enjoying it so I thought why not continue a few more days?  Valentines day, which is also my son's 18th birthday, is only 4 days … Continue reading I Don’t Want to Bore You With It…