Throwback Thursday

I wrote this back in 2016. Before all the goings on of today. These were just my observations. No COVID. No Social Media. Nothing but my observations.

Just felt the need to reshare! We need to be aware and understand the world through other’s views. Now, more than ever, we need empathy and understanding. We need collaboration, not division. Open your hearts and minds and eyes!

Get out and VOTE!

We all know how important voting is, however, in the 2020 election, things seem to be even more heightened this year. 2020 has brought so many changes to our every day lives with the COVID 19 pandemic and the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and countless other lives who have gone too soon and in tragic and unnecessary ways.

One thing this pandemic has taught me, personally, is how local leaders and politicians affect our lives and day to day. Although number 45’s decisions make an impact, overall, our everyday lives are much more impacted by our local leaders. Here in RI, we watched and listened to Gina and her crew every day for months, and I have to say she has done a decent job. I know I wouldn’t want the burden of making those kind of big decisions on a daily basis.

With all that being said, it is extremely important to me that I know who I want to represent my town. I want to know that the town council and school committees in my town are representing the changes I want to see.

This is why I am supporting Jess Rose. I truly believe that she has what it takes to make positive changes. I know she will put forth all the energy within her to make things happen!

So yes, voting is very important! The presidential election is very important! But remember, if you haven’t voted already, to get to know your local candidates and what they stand for.

Now get out and VOTE!

Holiday Nails Sets Are Live!

I just had to share how cute these holiday sets are! They just went live Tuesday at noon and some have already sold out!!

I can’t believe they have already started with holidays, but I guess it’s that time.

I’m not sure what they will be like this year but I do know we could use a little extra sparkle in our lives these days!

I don’t plan to post about these often, but these holiday sets are just so cute!!

You can join my VIP group if you’re interested in more info or shop my party here!

Della Deserves to Live


The other morning I woke up to 24 requests pending to join my Color Street VIP group. I was so excited and a little nervous that the internet had spammed me or something.
As I scrolled through I noticed that we all had one mutual friend, Della!
I quickly shot a message to Della saying thanks for the love!! I asked how she was and she said ok and I went to browse her page and catch up.
As soon as I saw this post I broke into tears. You see, the last couple of months I have been so focused on growing my business and learning all these strategies and trying to achieve goals that I was wrapped up in my own world.

Donate to Della’s GoFundMe

I sat here with tears streaming down my face wondering how can I help?
What can I do for my friend? She just showed me so much love but she also just reminded me what is important!
So now, I want to share the hell out of this!! I want to promote her!!
We may not have seen each other in over 20 years, but I remember and know this much about her.

Della and I have since come up with a fundraiser/Halloween Costume party, complete with DJ Caveman via zoom! I am so excited to be able to raise money for Della! Who knows, maybe this will even help her find a doner quicker!

Della’s Halloween Extravaganza

If you would like to donate to Della’s cause you will find her Go Fund Me page in the links above. If you want to know more about her party, and want to donate in another way, please reach out to me.

Let’s help Della because she deserves to live.

The End of the World and Pretty Nails

I remember the first time my friend Joy messaged me about Color Street and the way she followed up quickly with, too much?  I remember thinking “Is she serious right now?  The world is ending and she’s talking about her nails??”  I, on the other hand, was very busy fighting trolls on social media, reading books about social injustice and saving the world one insurance policy at a time.  Little did I know that just a couple months later, I too, would be obsessed with doing my nails.

It’s a very strange thing how Color Street has started to take over my life.  I don’t want or mean to be the “pushy sales lady” but some days I would see someone in my feed and think, “OMG!  She would love this!!”  The excitement is overwhelming.  I love the ease of doing my nails.  I love the no waiting for my nails to dry and no smudging.  I love the price and convenience.  

And I love that everytime I look at my nails, I feel pretty!!  

So what does this have to do with the world ending??  Well let me take you back a couple of months….

August 1st, the day before I signed up to sell Color Street, was the two year anniversary of my dad going into hospice.  Although he didn’t pass until August 9th, that day he went to hospice was the last day I spoke with him. (Find the Tribute to my Dad Here)
August 1st was the day they came in the ambulance and wheeled him out and I knew that this time he would not be coming back.  Every year, and sometimes randomly, that scene replays in my mind. 

This past year I woke up feeling worse than the first year.  I spent the day in bed.  I ate cookies for breakfast.  I cried.  I cooked.  I felt guilty for eating cookies.  I calculated my calories.  I went back to bed.  I ate veggies for dinner and tried to rationalize my cookies for breakfast and remind myself it’s ok.  

Me and Dad ❤

I made it through that day.  So August 2nd, I woke up a little lighter and feeling better.  

I signed up for EVERYTHING!  

I quickly and bluntly let my Color Street upline know that this would just be a hobby!  I just want the discounts!  (HA! Ask my leaders what they think of that statement now!)  I quickly started selling to friends and coworkers.  I couldn’t shut up about Color Street and how easy it was.  I started an instagram and threw myself into learning everything I could about marketing and Color Street and building a business.  I felt consumed and excited to learn something new! 

Plus, it wasn’t insurance!  This was actually fun! 

Here I am two months later and I’m quickly hitting my sales goals and building a team.  I started to feel like I was living in a bubble and ignoring the world around me, and I kind of was.  But in this last week or so, I really started asking myself why?  Why do I feel obsessed?  What is it?

So last week, as I was dropping off an order to my cousin, we started chatting about it.  “This is changing lives” my cousin Amanda said, and she was right!  I realized that it is!

In a time of COVID and isolation.  In a time of social justice and all the negative we see in our feeds, this is positive!  This has brought me and several of my high school classmates together!  It’s a distraction and a positive outlet!  It is making women feel good!  

Last week alone I had a friend order a set that I mailed out in a card.  Little did I know I would receive a text from her about how she had been feeling down and some sparkly nails, a cute sticker and a handwritten note were just the right combination to make her day!

So yes, maybe it’s “just about nail polish” to some, but to me it’s about lifting people’s spirits.  It’s about empowering women in business and making them feel pretty!  It’s about handwritten notes and spreading the love to unify us all in these trying times.  Because in the end, love is all that really matters!  (and maybe some sparkly nails)

Contact me (or get pretty nails)