Attitude of Gratitude

These days we live in a world where every time you turn on the tv someone is trying to sell you something to fix your flaw.  Weight loss products, hair color, hide the back fat, whiten your teeth, stuff these pads in your pants to give you a big butt!  We can all find something … Continue reading Attitude of Gratitude

Tsunamis in my mind

"Wow! You're a great writer" they say. Yet, I question them. It's funny to me, because really, I've been doing this my whole life.  I had no idea other people would want to read my work. I didn't know people would enjoy reading my thoughts, my feelings, the tsunamis in my mind. It's really just how … Continue reading Tsunamis in my mind

Who is Ginger Funk?

Let me start by saying thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. Many of you know me as Elissa, some know I post things as Ginger, but only my very close friends know the one and only Ginger Funkenstein. Ginger Funk for short. So who is Ginger? Where did she come from? Well, … Continue reading Who is Ginger Funk?