Feature Friday

Over the past three months, I began this journey into Color Street and building a business. It quickly became more than just selling nail polish strips. It became a creative outlet, an inspiration for me to really learn about building a business and it became a way to connect (and reconnect) with women I hadn’t seen in a long time. In doing so, I decided to start a new instagram and learn how to grow my following. I signed up for every free webinar, watched youtube videos and started going live myself and posting my own videos. I would just post photos and videos without any rhyme or reason, no planning, just doing. And you know what? I’m glad I did, because sometimes you just have to fake it til you make it!! I know for me, do often, I just have to do it or I will lose my confidence (no, seriously, I will).

In these last few months, one of the biggest takeaways for me has been realizing that not everyone is on your team. Yes, it sounds cliche, but it’s true. Not everyone is going to be your cheerleader, and more importantly, the people who do show you the most love, aren’t the ones you expect! It reminds me a lot of when my dad passed away. The people you thought would be by your side weren’t, while acquaintances from 20 years ago came out of the woodworks to send flowers and cards or drop off dinner. Building a business has been the same experience. We all know the internet can be a negative place and too much screen time isn’t good, however, during this time of social distancing, social media can also be used for good. Over the past few months, I have seen it. I have made genuine connections online. Women around the country, and many in my own neighborhood, who have shown me love and support by liking, commenting and sending me messages. I have even received messages from women telling me I have inspired them. Others have shared that one of my videos was exactly what they needed to hear! Nothing makes me feel better than knowing I can help encourage another!

Another thing I have learned about supporting a small business is that there are ways to be supportive, even when you can’t spend money! You can always like, comment and share! So with that being said, I plan to start a Feature Friday in which I will be spotlighting one small business or business owner each week! If you would like to see some of the small businesses I support already, you can check them out here. I can not wait to share all these amazing people and their stories with you in the weeks and months to come! I would also love to hear about you or a small business you support that should be featured!

Lastly, I want to say, if you’re reading this, THANK YOU! This means YOU are supporting me and my blog! I appreciate you taking the time to read this and appreciate your continued support!

Della Deserves to Live


The other morning I woke up to 24 requests pending to join my Color Street VIP group. I was so excited and a little nervous that the internet had spammed me or something.
As I scrolled through I noticed that we all had one mutual friend, Della!
I quickly shot a message to Della saying thanks for the love!! I asked how she was and she said ok and I went to browse her page and catch up.
As soon as I saw this post I broke into tears. You see, the last couple of months I have been so focused on growing my business and learning all these strategies and trying to achieve goals that I was wrapped up in my own world.

Donate to Della’s GoFundMe

I sat here with tears streaming down my face wondering how can I help?
What can I do for my friend? She just showed me so much love but she also just reminded me what is important!
So now, I want to share the hell out of this!! I want to promote her!!
We may not have seen each other in over 20 years, but I remember and know this much about her.

Della and I have since come up with a fundraiser/Halloween Costume party, complete with DJ Caveman via zoom! I am so excited to be able to raise money for Della! Who knows, maybe this will even help her find a doner quicker!

Della’s Halloween Extravaganza

If you would like to donate to Della’s cause you will find her Go Fund Me page in the links above. If you want to know more about her party, and want to donate in another way, please reach out to me.

Let’s help Della because she deserves to live.