Music and Words Awards


Thank you, thank you, thank you!  I would like to thank T. Wayne from a A Joyful Process for the nomination for this award.  It is an honor and a pleasure to be here!  I would like to thank the little people that made this possible along the way and most of all I would like to thank…Oh wait…what?  This is just a blogging award?  Oh well, I am still flattered!  Thanks T. Wayne for nominating me for the Music and Words Award.

Of course, there are always rules involved with these awards so here they are:

Link back to the person who nominated you.
Answer these questions with words AND music.
Pass the award to 5 bloggers who inspire you with posts about music. (Even if they are award-free?) Well see about this one.
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So, here are the questions.


Music is my peace of mind.  If I am having a bad day, it can lift me up.  Music takes me to another place and time, music can bring back memories, good, bad, happy and sad.  Music is life!  I can’t imagine life without it.  Sometimes music says more and expresses my feelings better than I ever could


Church.  When I think about my first memories of music I think of singing “Jesus loves the little children” in church.  I also think of my sisters’ record collections ranging from Michael Jackson to Men at Work to Sting and the Police and of course Rick James.  I think of Ann Murray because my mom always played her music.

I remember the kitchen being filled with men smoking and drinking budweiser while my dad played his guitar. It was usually some Johnny Cash or Marty Robbins.


Hmmm I can’t say I remember the first album.  I know my first concert was Debbie Gibson and I definitely had her cassette tape, Out of the Blue.  I also remember recording song off the radio when I was little.

I’m not sure the last CD I purchased, but for Christmas my son bought me India Arie’s Christmas Album.  I wanted to buy it because I wanted the actual album but couldn’t find it.  My son found the very last copy in the state and gave it to me for Christmas.  That made it that much more special.


J. Cole – Wet Dreamz


Just Plain Ol Vic

Tunisia Jolyn

Pearls Before Swine (Awards free)


Tangerine wallpaper

Deb was Here



Bailamos!  Or as we say in english, let’s dance (we dance)!   I don’t know about you but I love to dance!  Sure, sometimes I may be a wall flower or you can find me chair dancing, but put on the right song and forget it, you will have to drag me OFF the dance floor.

This week I have been obsessed with Bachata.  For those of you who don’t know, bachata is a latin dance style which originated in the Dominican Republic.  If you have never seen it you can check it out here.    There are several musical artists who are popular for their bachata music, especially Romeo Santos and Prince Royce.


So, you may be wondering why I know about bachata.  Well, I first learned the basics of bachata a few years back in my (Puerto Rican) friend Dawn’s living room.  It was just another friday night of us gals hanging out bored and she decided to throw on the music and show us how it’s done.  I have since practiced here and there with various friends on different occassions, but it wasn’t until my son got into it that I really became interested in the music.

I was driving my son home from work one night when he said, “Hey!  You gotta listen to this”, and put on some music.  What blew me away was when he started singing along with these songs AND he knew all the lyrics!  So how is this?  Well, my son is in his 4th year of honors Spanish but, his girlfriend is Bolivian.  They have been dating for over 2 years now, so he is around her family a lot which means he can pretty much understand Spanish fluently and they listen to a lot of Spanish/Latin American music.  I love watching him sing and dance to the music and I love that he has learned so much about the Bolivian culture, .  In fact, I love learning all about other cultures and making friends around the globe.


I love the sound of bachata and have several favorites that my son has introduced me to.  I have been trying to learn the lyrics to many of the songs but so far the only one I have down is Promise by Romeo Santos and Usher .  It’s half in Spanish and half in english and I can actually sing both parts (and know what I’m singing!).  Some of my other favorites are Odio by Romeo Santos featuring Drake,  Te Extrano (I Miss You) by Extreme,  Solo por un Beso by Aventura, Tengo Un Amor (I Have a Love) by Toby Love and one of my favorites Corazon Sin Cara (Heart without a Face) by Prince Royce.  Most of these songs have such sweet and romantic lyrics that sound even more beautiful in Spanish to me. But don’t be fooled, not all of these songs are about love! I should have known by the title Propuesta Indecente, or Indecent Proposal, this was not a love song, it just sounded so romantic until I read the lyrics.
Regardless of the scandelous lyrics, it’s still a favorite of mine.

In case you’re wondering, I’m not fluent in Spanish, but I did take 4 years of it in high school and I remember enough.  When it comes to bachata I have the basic dance steps down and I will admit that if you ever snuck in my house on a Saturday morning you may find me dancing to it while I clean.


So next week I may be back listening to India Arie or some R&B, but for this week I am on my bachata kick.  I wake up with songs in my head and can’t sing all the words but the music plays away.  One of these days I will learn all the lyrics to my favorites but for now I will just hum along and move my hips bachata style.

Monday Morning

It’s amazing how music can take us back to a time and a place.  Good or bad.  Happy or sad.  I can hear a song and suddenly I sit back and close my eyes and I’m walking barefoot in the sand on a chilly October day.  Toes going numb but only because I love the feel of the sand between my toes.  The freedom from being without the restrictive socks and shoes.  My feet can breathe.  I’m alone, contemplating life, love, and writing.  I’m on a beach, somewhere in a park.  A place I found by chance on one of my rides I took to clear my mind.  No destination.  No idea where I really am.  Just exploring the roads, exploring nature, dreams and thoughts.  Exploring the me inside.  The one I can share, but no one will fully understand because I choose what I show you.  I choose the thoughts I share.  Be it silly or crazy to someone else.  I choose what you see of me. 
Just the turn of the knob, click of a button and I am transported once again.  To a beautiful clearing in the woods, overlooking a fresh flowing spring, a waterfall, him, holding my hand.  His smile, making me smile, overwhelming feelings of joy and happiness.  His eyes, looking into mine, reminding me of why all the others that came, could not stay.  Reminding me of all the lessons learned and all the rough patches along the journey that led to him.  Divine timing.  Him and I swimming in the waters, cool and refreshing.  Him, wrapping me in his arms, feeling safe and secure.  His off key singing in my ear, making me giggle, loving every moment with him.  And then the moment that last note hits and silence.  I open my eyes, look around, snap out of it.  I’m back to reality.  I’m home, alone, sitting on the couch.  Journal in one hand and pen in the other. 
It’s Monday morning again.  Shake it off, finish my cup of coffee, and get ready for work.  Thankful to know I can always play that song again, when I want to return.

Just Like Music

So I recently posted a Blogger’s award and nominated 10 bloggers who I follow and enjoy.  I also asked them several questions about music and decided I wanted to answer them myself.  So here are my answers to the questions I asked.

  1.  What music/musician do you find most influential in your life and why?  

I would have to say India Arie.  I think because her music has always seemed to coincide with my life at that moment.  She was there through dating, break up, to build my confidence, to help me dream, to give me hope, peace, love and beauty.  I love her positivity and I feel like she is true to herself, not trying to please everyone.  I also have to say Tracy Chapman is another fave from back in the day.  I love music that makes you feel and speaks a message

  1.  Do you have a favorite song and why?

I think I have many favorites, it’s hard to pick one.  There are many that describe different times in my life.  Over all, I would say Beautiful Surprise because it is my song for my son.  

  1.  If you could meet one artist (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

I would say India Arie mostly because she is one of my faves. I mean, we’ve been through so much together, even if she didn’t know. lol  (side note confession, I once went to a Tracy Chapman concert and wanted to meet her so bad that when she waved and drove off on the tour bus I cried.  I was embarrassed but I was also just crushed I couldn’t meet her)I did, however, have the opportunity to meet Floetry.  And even get a pic with them. That was cool!  

  1.  What current song would describe your life today?

This has become one of my favorite new songs.  Here – Alessia Cara  I can totally relate to being over it all.

“…I just came to kick it, but really I would rather be

at home all by myself not in this room 

With people who don’t even care about my well-being…”

  1.  What is a song you would consider timeless?

Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going on?” Unfortunately I feel like this song still applies to the world today.  I constantly question what’s going on this world.   

  1.  Do you have a favorite workout song?  Or a song that motivates you in some way?

Purify Me by India Arie.  It doesn’t seem like a workout song so much, but something about that song just makes me feel good!  Strength, Courage and Wisdom  by India Arie also reminds me “it’s been inside of me, all along…”

Well, those are my answers for today.  Of course, music is always changing and growing just like we do.  I really love music and the effects it can have on our attitudes, moods and life in general.  Feel free to answer some of these questions in the comments below or just name a favorite song or musician.  Thanks for reading!