I am

I am truth I am beauty I am confidence I am light shining forth From the inside out To reflect all that is within me  Expanding Into nature to share with this world To light The way for others To heal To love I am strength unimagined I am the only me Made like no … Continue reading I am

Truth and lies

You try to cover your truth with lies Close your eyes You can’t disguise The monsters and demons The pit of my stomach Intuition is beaming It's a knowing A feeling Lies so soft and sweet Telling me what you think i want to hear This is not strength It's fear Afraid to speak your … Continue reading Truth and lies

India Arie’s Christmas with Friends Show in Boston

This past Sunday I was fortunate enough to go to the Christmas with friends songversation in Boston with India Arie.  India does not call it a concert or a performance, it's simply a songversation.   She recently released a Christmas album and is doing a Christmas tour.  When I first got to the show I was … Continue reading India Arie’s Christmas with Friends Show in Boston