Tsunamis in my mind

“Wow! You’re a great writer” they say. Yet, I question them. It’s funny to me, because really, I’ve been doing this my whole life.  I had no idea other people would want to read my work. I didn’t know people would enjoy reading my thoughts, my feelings, the tsunamis in my mind. It’s really just how my brain works. Just spitting out words and arranging them on paper. Somehow words seem to organize themselves better when they move from my brain to the paper. Not so much when they move from my brain and out of my mouth. Somehow they just don’t flow the same.  They become jumbled and confused at times. But when pen hits the pad it’s like my brain just flows, the words spill out and it all makes sense. It’s like a cleansing.   It’s my therapy.  It’s how I clear my head, calm myself, bring peace to my inner being.  And once I am done and the pages are full, the tsunamis in my mind are calm once again. For a brief moment my mind can rest.