For Always and Forever

You will be my Saturday Love... "When I look at you Memories of love Like no one before You stay on my mind" We all have that one person like this.  That one person that maybe you always had a thing for but it never quite worked out.  Maybe the timing was off.  They were … Continue reading For Always and Forever

Pure Poetry

The count down is on til Valentine's day.  That's right, just two days and my baby boy, my "pooky bear" will be 18 years old.  So I'm sticking with my theme of posting songs by black artists for black history and incorporating love quotes from songs.  Last night I was looking for a song to … Continue reading Pure Poetry

I Don’t Want to Bore You With It…

"Oh but I love you, I love you.... I LOOOOVVVEE YOU!"  So I've been posting the love quotes from songs by black artists the last 3 days but I started enjoying it so I thought why not continue a few more days?  Valentines day, which is also my son's 18th birthday, is only 4 days … Continue reading I Don’t Want to Bore You With It…

Day 2 – Love Quotes

So it is day 2 of the Love quotes by Black Artists.  I have picked another song with the same title.  That's right, The Truth.  This one is by India Arie.  One of my favorites lines.... There ain't no substitute for the truth Either it is or it isn't 'Cause he is the truth You … Continue reading Day 2 – Love Quotes

3 Day quote challenge with a twist!

So I was nominated by Tikeetha for the 3 day quote.  I follow her blog and I really enjoy it, check her out!  She did love quotes and I think I am going to switch it up and incorporate Black History Month and Valentine's Day for this.  I'm also going to take quotes from song … Continue reading 3 Day quote challenge with a twist!