Full Moon Reflections


One of the things I love about where I live is the fact that the ocean is only minutes away.  I have always lived here, near the ocean.  There is something so peaceful about the sounds of the water.  There is nothing quite like the air and breeze coming off the salt water.  It is so refreshing, except on a night like tonight when it’s more like that I can’t feel my face kind of cold.  Some nights when I am feeling restless I will hop in the car and drive down to the sea wall where I can either take a walk, sit on the wall or just sit in my car and listen to the natural rhythm of the waves like music to my ears. 

Sea wall at night

But on a night like tonight,  I especially love to go down to the beach and see the full moon, as it illuminates, glistening on the water.  To me, there is nothing more beautiful than the way the moonlight dances upon the waves, lighting a path along the water.   Like a stairway to the heavens.  The sound of the waves crashing upon the rocks, like the beating of a drum or the clashing of symbols, nature’s perfect music. 


The full moon often makes me restless.  I know not everyone believes it, but I definitely see the effects the full moon has on people, especially at work.  Things always seem to be extra crazy and chaotic around the full moon.  Didn’t you ever notice that the word lunar refers to the moon?  Which may explain why lunatics and lunacy seem to be heightened around the full moon?  Luckily the moon doesn’t stay full for long, although they say the side effects can last three days before and after the full moon.  It peaked on the east coast around 1:20 pm today so it will be decreasing or waning for the next two weeks. 


While sitting by the water watching the light of the full moon reflecting on the waves, I did some of my own reflecting.   I thought about how the moon increases and decreases similar to our hearts when they fill with love.  Some days our hearts fill to the brim with love for our significant others, our family and our friends.  Other days they may feel void and empty and we struggle to show our love.  This isn’t a bad thing,  it’s just part of nature.  Everything must move in cycles and change to create balance.   In fact, even our love for ourselves can fluctuate.   Today I felt so crabby I didn’t even want to be around myself, let alone anyone else.  Taking some time to go down by the water and take in the sounds of the ocean and the sights of the moonlight were just what I needed.  Some quiet time alone to reflect. 


I feel blessed to live near the ocean and I’m not sure what I would do if I didn’t.  I’m sure there are many bloggers who do not live near the ocean, where do you go to relax?

Blogging, biking and balance


So here I am. At the gym.  Really don’t want to be, but since I’m on week 3 of the new year, I know I need to.  I started to fall off a bit.  Most likely it was because I am that “all or nothing” gal.  I get all Gung ho and burn myself right out.  Sometimes I forget to balance things out.  That is what I really need to work on.  So many things I want to start doing so I try to do them all.  Here is a summary of my workouts so far.

Week 1 – I exercised 7 days (gym or walked)
Week 2 – I was at the gym 4 days
Week 3 – I was at the gym 2 days out of 4

All weekend I felt exhausted and lazy.  I also feel like I’m coming down with a cold. I’m pretty sure that it’s because I haven’t been drinking enough water.  I’ve been eating healthy and I’m down 5 lbs so far.  I even had my first skinny day.  You know those days when you just feel skinny, even if you don’t look any more skinny than you were the day before?  Yet when you over do it or try to do everything at once it can sometimes backfire.
Story of my life.  Almost 38 and I’ve still yet to learn balance.  Some lady actually caught me journaling in the sauna this weekend  *embarrassing*. She said it was great that I could do that. I told her I think it’s because sometimes I don’t know how to slow down.  I’m always trying to multitask. I literally have to tell myself it’s OK to do nothing.  I find myself trying to fit everything in.  I mean even now I’m on the elliptical typing this. Obviously I’m not moving too fast but I’m moving.   As an Aries, I often forget that sometimes slow and steady wins the race.  I have to remind myself to breathe, to close my eyes, slow down my mind and feel life.  Stop wishing it away.  Stop plowing through.   It’s actually like the exercise.    Did you know that you actually burn fat at a slower level than cardio? While cardio is good for your heart, the rate your body burns fat is actually slower.  Even your body needs to slow down to get ahead sometimes.   Some days your body needs rest.  Time to heal.  Time to take a deep breath and get it together so you can move ahead.
I can hear the spin class going on next door. Last week I completed a spin class for the first time in years.  Spinning is no joke.  I have a love hate relationship with it but I think I did it as more of a challenge to myself.  To prove to myself I could do it.  I did.  It was definitely not fun at first but then you challenge yourself to push through.   It felt good to know I could do it.  This week, however, I’m lucky I even got here.  I really only came for the sauna.  And right now I’m only on the bike so I can finish this blog.
Now that I look back at the fact that I have made it to the gym two out of four days, that pretty darn good.  I’ll take 50%.
Over all it has been a good week, and hey, I made it! Maybe my body starting to feel sick is a reminder to slow down.  I’m in this for the long haul.  Stop rushing and enjoy the moment.

*photo credit – I do not own rights to photo it was found on the Internet