Who is Ginger Funk?

Let me start by saying thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. Many of you know me as Elissa, some know I post things as Ginger, but only my very close friends know the one and only Ginger Funkenstein. Ginger Funk for short. So who is Ginger? Where did she come from?

Well, it all started back in the day on MySpace. Yes…some of you may remember the pre-facebook days of MySpace. Anyways, those were the days when I went out quite a bit. I was single and definitely looking to mingle. However, I was a horrible liar and a creep magnet. Often times we would go out and I would be hit on by the one man I had no interest in.

The too old or too gold (as in teeth) for me. Too short, too young, or just plain too much! You name it, I always attracted the ones I wasn’t interested in. Now most women are quick on their feet to say things like, “Sorry, I have a man”. But no, not me. I’M THE WORST LIAR EVER! On top of that, I’m too nice and a people pleaser. So, I had to come up with a plan.

First off, I needed an Alias. I was playing around on MySpace one day and came across a quiz with different nicknames. I decided I would take a poll and see which would win. Ginger it was. Ginger Funkenstein that is. The best part is, as crazy of a name as it was, men actually believed it was my name. Maybe they didn’t actually believe it, but they definitely went along with it. In case the name wasn’t enough, I decided to go the extra mile. I purchased a fake engagement ring for $10.99 at Walmart and decided my phone number, if asked, would be 867-5309. As long as you don’t sing it, no one has a clue that the number really belongs to Jenny, or if you live in RI, Gem plumbing.

My girls and I decided we would all need fake names, or aliases, for when we were out. It was kind of our code. It also served as our alter ego if someone pissed us off. There was Shaquita, Lois, Jane and of course Ginger. I loved being Ginger. Ginger knew how to lie. Ginger would go out on a Saturday night and meet a man she wasn’t interested in and before the night was over he was convinced she had 5 kids at home and little Jenny had to get to dance at 8am tomorrow so Ginger had to be out. Hopefully the 5 kids scared him away. When Ginger was out to play, it was ok to tell tales and have fun. No one got hurt, it was all harmless fun and I was safe from having to be too nice.

And that, my friends, is how Ginger was created. Since then, Ginger has grown quite a bit and so have I. I guess you could say Ginger is my funky, soulful side. Ginger has the afro that I never got to have. Ginger is my inner soul child who comes out to play and have a funky good time. Ginger is the true inner me. She is the safe way to express myself. My alter ego.

I hope you will all join me on this journey to embracing my inner Ginger Funkenstein through my writing and blogging. I hope you too will learn to embrace your inner Ginger or whomever your alias my be.

Peace, love and funk ✌

6 thoughts on “Who is Ginger Funk?

  1. Wow! This is very brave /awesome of you. I wish you the best of luck and I look forward to seeing how this grows for you and your followers #GingerFunk!


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