Monday Morning

It’s amazing how music can take us back to a time and a place.  Good or bad.  Happy or sad.  I can hear a song and suddenly I sit back and close my eyes and I’m walking barefoot in the sand on a chilly October day.  Toes going numb but only because I love the feel of the sand between my toes.  The freedom from being without the restrictive socks and shoes.  My feet can breathe.  I’m alone, contemplating life, love, and writing.  I’m on a beach, somewhere in a park.  A place I found by chance on one of my rides I took to clear my mind.  No destination.  No idea where I really am.  Just exploring the roads, exploring nature, dreams and thoughts.  Exploring the me inside.  The one I can share, but no one will fully understand because I choose what I show you.  I choose the thoughts I share.  Be it silly or crazy to someone else.  I choose what you see of me. 
Just the turn of the knob, click of a button and I am transported once again.  To a beautiful clearing in the woods, overlooking a fresh flowing spring, a waterfall, him, holding my hand.  His smile, making me smile, overwhelming feelings of joy and happiness.  His eyes, looking into mine, reminding me of why all the others that came, could not stay.  Reminding me of all the lessons learned and all the rough patches along the journey that led to him.  Divine timing.  Him and I swimming in the waters, cool and refreshing.  Him, wrapping me in his arms, feeling safe and secure.  His off key singing in my ear, making me giggle, loving every moment with him.  And then the moment that last note hits and silence.  I open my eyes, look around, snap out of it.  I’m back to reality.  I’m home, alone, sitting on the couch.  Journal in one hand and pen in the other. 
It’s Monday morning again.  Shake it off, finish my cup of coffee, and get ready for work.  Thankful to know I can always play that song again, when I want to return.

7 thoughts on “Monday Morning

      1. Oh sweet. I can feel that now that you said that. I felt all warm and fuzzy while reading it and I feel that way when that song comes on.

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