If Trump is Elected I Will Know the End Times Are Here


Ok, it’s time to admit I’m a bit nervous.  I said I would never put in writing what I really think of Trump, but…. why on earth would anyone vote for him?? I just can’t hold it in anymore!  I keep hoping it’s all a joke.  I’m praying it’s just a hoax.  Yet, I will say I am thankful I have friends world wide. 
So, should he some how actually win the election I will know that the Bible is most definitely true and the end times are near.  However, my top 3 places to escape to are as follows:

1.  Bristol, England where my best friend Sarah has promised to be getting a room ready for me

2.  Cape Verde, where my co-worker and friend Ana (heeeeeyyyyy girl!  Shout out to you for reading this) has promised I can come to her parents’ place

3.  Peru where my friend Aymar has family,  hopefully I will be accepted to his people in the Andes mountains

If none of those places work I’m hoping  my friend Susana (Heeeeeey! Shout out to you too girl!!) will bring me to Madera, Portugal or Sarah’s family in Brazil will take me in. 

I try very hard to keep an open mind, but, when it comes to Trump supporters, I just can’t see the other side.  I really hate giving him any attention because, seeing he is pretty much the Kanye West of white people when it comes to opening his mouth, I just had to share this video. 


These are kids reacting to Trump.  You can’t get more honest or intelligent than kids sometimes.  So fellow bloggers, anyone out there have a place for me to stay outside of the US,  just in case??

Photo credit: I do not own the rights to this photo it was found on the Internet

16 thoughts on “If Trump is Elected I Will Know the End Times Are Here

  1. Not only from him, but I fear people of color will really be in trouble with his supporters as well. What with them being kicked out or forcibly removed from his pep rallies, and the things he himself has said, the bad times may be just around the corner.

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  2. I honestly can’t believe that this man has gotten this far into the race! When it was announced he was running I expected him to be laughed out of the place! Do not fear though the UK welcomes you with open arms!!

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  3. Well, if everything works out, I’ll already be in London for graduate school by that time. I may just stay there for awhile if he is elected. Try to get a full-time gig so I can update my visa. I love how everyone is planning on moving out the country if Trump wins. lol Also, I saw that video and kids seem to have much better sense that all of his supporters. Sad but very true.

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      1. Sweet. Who knows? Maybe I’ll meet your best friend while out there. Stranger things have happened… like Trump being a serious contender for president. lol

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