So you thought you felt as i did
Looking for something
You thought you may have found it
Then it seemed to disappear
And fade away
You learned you were wrong
You made a mistake
Everything you thought you’d found
Turned out to be a mirage
Nothing but a mere illusion
What had seemed so real
So true
Was gone in a flash
What if you were wrong?
What if you ARE wrong?
What if none of it mattered?
What if you were wrong about knowing?
Maybe sometimes you just don’t know
What you think you know
Maybe sometimes the way you think things should happen, don’t happen that way at all
What if it takes more than just a moment
A feeling
A knowing
To really find the truth
What if it takes time
To really know
What if you never know?
What if it takes change
To really find what you thought you had lost
What if you thought you lost something
Only to realize it was really there all along
That it just wasn’t where you thought it was
Was right in front of your face but you weren’t really ready to see it?
Not at that time
What if
Just what if
None of that mattered
What if you were right where you were supposed to be
What if you weren’t supposed to know
What if you were supposed to learn
Live and love and change
Never really knowing all the answers
Just taking it all in
Being content in the moment
Realizing that even if you don’t know the why of the why
Its ok
Knowing that everything happens for a reason and accepting the unknown

8 thoughts on “Unknown

  1. What if? I really liked this because it is where I am at this very moment, asking myself what if the failures, the frustrations, the headaches are leading me to where I need to be or are grounding me into being where I am because probably that is where I need to be. I was saying to my friend the other day the thing is we do not know; we think things are wrong or right, good or bad etc. we think we do not need to be here but we don’t know. What if everything is perfect right now even the imperfect. You always inspire me. Sorry for a long comment but I really love this

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  2. Beautiful. This reminds me of India Arie. I could almost hear her speaking some of the words and singing others. Life is something. I am learning to look at all of it as a blessing – the good, the bad and the ugly.

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