Get out and VOTE!

We all know how important voting is, however, in the 2020 election, things seem to be even more heightened this year. 2020 has brought so many changes to our every day lives with the COVID 19 pandemic and the death of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and countless other lives who have gone too soon and in tragic and unnecessary ways.

One thing this pandemic has taught me, personally, is how local leaders and politicians affect our lives and day to day. Although number 45’s decisions make an impact, overall, our everyday lives are much more impacted by our local leaders. Here in RI, we watched and listened to Gina and her crew every day for months, and I have to say she has done a decent job. I know I wouldn’t want the burden of making those kind of big decisions on a daily basis.

With all that being said, it is extremely important to me that I know who I want to represent my town. I want to know that the town council and school committees in my town are representing the changes I want to see.

This is why I am supporting Jess Rose. I truly believe that she has what it takes to make positive changes. I know she will put forth all the energy within her to make things happen!

So yes, voting is very important! The presidential election is very important! But remember, if you haven’t voted already, to get to know your local candidates and what they stand for.

Now get out and VOTE!

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