I have a confession… I WAS WRONG!

Did you ever notice that sometimes, when you’re doing really well and feeling really good, there’s always that Debbie Downer who wants to rain on your parade? No? Then you’re lucky! Did you ever notice that some days, YOU are your OWN Debbie Downer? Well, let me tell you a story.

I recently shared my story of how I got signed up with Color Street, if you haven’t read it, you can find it here. I, being a head strong Aries woman, on the cusp of Taurus, always plows ahead, not listening to or conforming to the ways of anyone else. Like a 2 year old learning to do things for the first time, “I do it myself!” attitude takes over me and I am off! So this, of course, is exactly what I did with my business! And don’t get me wrong, I did well!

My cocky side would watch a training here and there and say, “Yeah, yeah, yeah. OK!” I sat on my high horse thinking, “ugh, I’m not joining in all those trainings! I don’t like working with all those catty women! It starts out great and then they get annoying!”

Fast forward 3 months….

I have a confession… I WAS WRONG! There. I said it. As embarrassing as it is to admit I was wrong, I was. After 3 months of doing things my way, I decided to check out a zoom call. And you know what?? I’m so glad I did! I have had so much fun connecting with all these ladies who not only are amazingly resourceful but are a damn good time! I have found them all to be positive and uplifting. When I am having a bad day, no matter what the case, they are always there, cheering me on!

I thought women were supposed to be catty and annoying. I thought working on a team of women would be competitive and make me cranky, but NO, this has not been my experience. These women have been inspirational and helpful. I have been connecting with new women and reconnecting with school mates. Learning so much, having so many laughs and building a team and business along the way.

I keep saying it and I will continue to say it, but Color Street is my happy place! Most of the time it’s the thoughts we tell ourselves that we learn to believe. I was telling myself all women are catty and that I didn’t want to be part of whatever that was. Man, I was wrong. I am so glad I got out of my own way and joined in on that call! The best part of it all, is that I can be independent and run my business as I want, but when I need suggestions or a sounding board, this team of ladies is here to support me all the way!

Was there a time in your life that you were your own Debbie Downer? What thoughts have you changed and how?

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