Abort Mission

These past few months I’ve been struggling with how to get back into blogging. Have you ever had those days, or maybe even months, where you want to do something, but then you find yourself overthinking everything so much that you do nothing??

It’s like when your house has become a mess and you want nothing more than to clean it from top to bottom, but then there is so much to do that you basically do nothing? No? Sorry, guess I’m the only slob here. LOL

Maybe it’s the perfectionist in me, wanting things to be so perfect and look just right or sound just right. Sometimes we over think so much that nothing gets done. Then we end up feeling stagnant and defeated. We get to a point where we are losing time and energy in feeling overwhelmed by it all.

This reminds me of something one of my leaders, Kelli France, always says. “Start Sloppy!” It’s so true! Start sloppy and just do it!! So what if you fail? At least you tried.

I’m going to share a secret with you all, sometimes I’m shy. Ok, if you know me you probably think this is a bunch of crap! I’m serious. I go live all the time on social media but I’m not always as confident as you think. Plenty of times I go on and just talk and talk… and talk and talk. (Yes, I have the gift of gab) However, do you know how many times I have hit the live button, started talking, and freaked out?? All of a sudden my brain is like “What are you doing? You look like a fool! You’re just babbling! Abort Mission!! I repeat, abort mission!!” So you know what I do? I exit out. I delete the video. Then I blame it on technical difficulties. Yup. I did that. Several times. I’m not sure if anyone ever picked up on it but that was my solution! I’m finally admitting it! I get nervous! I get shy! I mess up!!

Ok, are you still reading? Good, because I’m about to get to the point of this all… I’m human. I fail or feel like I’m failing. I make mistakes, and it’s ok if you do, too! No one expects perfection! Right now I’m just typing this blog. I’m not spending hours to make it perfect, I’m writing spur of the moment because it’s in my head. I wanted to share it. I want to get back into sharing.

I’ve spent so many hours and weeks and months trying to niche down and focus on what should I do. How to I make this sound right or look right? I know there is a great way to do this and that and to organize everything, but at the end of the day I just want to be me. I just want to write to share my thoughts and feelings so that maybe someone out there reading this will think, “Yes! Me too!”

Sometimes all we need is one person who makes us feel like we are not alone in our struggles. That is what connects us and helps us make this world a better place. These days, especially, we need to know that somewhere out there someone else is doing a live on social media and hitting the exit button because they got nervous and freaked out! lol Someone is typing a blog and not changing the font or throwing an LOL in it or just writing from the heart in the hopes of connecting with another reader. If you’re that reader, let me know. Let’s connect.

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