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Do you believe in manifesting? Do you believe in the Law of Attraction? It doesn’t really matter if you do, however, do you believe in writing it down and making it happen? I say regardless what you believe, there is science behind goals, dreams and writing things down to make them happen! In fact, I’m going to share a little proof with you!

Back in April of 2020, just after the pandemic started, I joined an online writing group. We started our “Corona Chronicles” and the leader, Rebecca Gold, would give us different prompts to write about and we could share in this private group. This morning I was looking through my notebook, in which I wrote my “Corona Chronicles”, and was very interested in what I found!

Corona Chronicles – Day 8 – I love…

I love being home alone everyday. I love having time to myself and time to read. I love having my time for writing and working from home. I don’t want to think about going back to work. I’m wondering if things will change as time goes on. I’m wondering if I will get tired of this time alone and want to be social at some point, but right now I’m loving it!

I love rolling out of bed to make my coffee and climbing back in to bed with my lap top. I am wondering if I will ever want to go back to an office. This whole life changing event has me re-thinking my life, my career and just how social I really am. I know I can be a social butterfly at times, but at this time I have no desire. I can seriously say I am dreading having to go back to the office. But who knows what is to come so for now I am loving being home and my me time! I am loving my lunch time yoga break. I am loving this stay home order. But I am NOT loving this virus!

Well, I have to say less than a year later I had left my career and never went back to the office! My days still consist of lots of alone time, reading and writing! Now you may not think it’s a big deal, and I promise you it didn’t just happen, I put in work to get to where I am today. But I think it’s amazing that so many times I have written down what I wanted and months (sometimes years) later, found notebooks, journals and slips of paper, only to realize I had made them happen!

There is all kinds of science behind writing things down to make them happen. Just look up the Reticular Activating System (RAS for short) in the brain and how it works, or let me know if you want me to write future blogs about it! I’m a super nerd and would love to share all that I am learning with you! Put simply, did you ever notice that when you buy a new car, say a red Hyundai, all of a sudden you see red Hyundai’s everywhere you go and you start to wonder why you never noticed them before? It’s because somewhere in purchasing one of these vehicles, you activated your RAS in your brain so now you will notice them everywhere! So yes, science is real and writing things down to make them happen really works. So what are you waiting for? Get to writing! Or share with me a time you wrote something down and made it happen! I would love to hear your story in the comments!

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