Soul on fire

He stands strong in his truth
fists not for fighting
but arms
to embrace and protect her
from those who came before him
Those that tried to knock her down
To steal her peace and beauty
He sings from his soul
every note chips away at the walls
she has built to protect her heart
His voice 
strong and soothing
He speaks
words of wisdom and knowledge
filling her mind
filling her spirit
She thirsts for more
He kisses her lips
her body soars
flying above the clouds
Her soul is on fire
with the touch of his hands
Strong and brave
is her heart
as she lets him


2 thoughts on “Soul on fire

  1. Dear Elissa,

    Hello, there, sisterfriend! What an absolutely beautiful poem and the picture so very perfectly complements your great blog post article, sister! Wow, I love this! This is great here, Elissa! We as your very grateful and appreciative readers as I know your other readers do for sure have such reading pleasure from this! Thank-you so, my friend!!

    Our Good Mother and Father God’s Peace and Love To You For Always, Elissa,

    Your black sisterfriend For Always in the spirit and solidarity, Sherry Gordon


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