Full Moon Reflections


One of the things I love about where I live is the fact that the ocean is only minutes away.  I have always lived here, near the ocean.  There is something so peaceful about the sounds of the water.  There is nothing quite like the air and breeze coming off the salt water.  It is so refreshing, except on a night like tonight when it’s more like that I can’t feel my face kind of cold.  Some nights when I am feeling restless I will hop in the car and drive down to the sea wall where I can either take a walk, sit on the wall or just sit in my car and listen to the natural rhythm of the waves like music to my ears. 

Sea wall at night

But on a night like tonight,  I especially love to go down to the beach and see the full moon, as it illuminates, glistening on the water.  To me, there is nothing more beautiful than the way the moonlight dances upon the waves, lighting a path along the water.   Like a stairway to the heavens.  The sound of the waves crashing upon the rocks, like the beating of a drum or the clashing of symbols, nature’s perfect music. 


The full moon often makes me restless.  I know not everyone believes it, but I definitely see the effects the full moon has on people, especially at work.  Things always seem to be extra crazy and chaotic around the full moon.  Didn’t you ever notice that the word lunar refers to the moon?  Which may explain why lunatics and lunacy seem to be heightened around the full moon?  Luckily the moon doesn’t stay full for long, although they say the side effects can last three days before and after the full moon.  It peaked on the east coast around 1:20 pm today so it will be decreasing or waning for the next two weeks. 


While sitting by the water watching the light of the full moon reflecting on the waves, I did some of my own reflecting.   I thought about how the moon increases and decreases similar to our hearts when they fill with love.  Some days our hearts fill to the brim with love for our significant others, our family and our friends.  Other days they may feel void and empty and we struggle to show our love.  This isn’t a bad thing,  it’s just part of nature.  Everything must move in cycles and change to create balance.   In fact, even our love for ourselves can fluctuate.   Today I felt so crabby I didn’t even want to be around myself, let alone anyone else.  Taking some time to go down by the water and take in the sounds of the ocean and the sights of the moonlight were just what I needed.  Some quiet time alone to reflect. 


I feel blessed to live near the ocean and I’m not sure what I would do if I didn’t.  I’m sure there are many bloggers who do not live near the ocean, where do you go to relax?

25 thoughts on “Full Moon Reflections

  1. I love the pictures and seriously envy you right now; I live in a landlocked desert. But every place has its beauty and I like to walk barefoot around the neighborhood to relax, I used to be addicted to nighttime walks until it was not safe for me to do so any more. There really is something beautiful and still about the night

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      1. Such a wonderful idea. That is why I love blogs because you do get to experience places, people and food without living your house and unlike magazines and newspapers the honesty is amazing. It makes me feel like I got to experience the new moon with you, even though we are worlds apart.

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  2. Two of my favorite things: the moon + the ocean!

    I lived by the ocean for years and took full advantage like you. Now I’m landlocked and there are plenty of lakes and rivers-but nothing compares to the ocean! And I always know when there’s a full moon, even if I’m not keeping track, because people drive more erratically and seem to act with a little more haste.

    It definitely has power.

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  3. I love the beach too. Something very serene about sitting and watching and listening to the waves dash back and forth. I am about 20 minutes away from the beach but don’t go there often enough.
    I agree about the full moon and how things are a little bit different and how it affects some people and changes their behavior.

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  4. When I visit my parents, I might be able to go to the forest. I grew up almost next to forests, so I find it very important to visit a forest from time to time. I just have this nees for it. It’s even more fun and relaxing for me if I have an animal with me (dog, horse etc.). Being around animals helps me too and spending some ‘alone’ time with my partner.

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    1. Nice. Thanks for sharing. My friend I was telling you about used to drive his handicapped accessible van down to this sea wall many days. So this spot makes me think of him too. 😊 thanks for reading

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  5. “Didn’t you ever notice that the word lunar refers to the moon? Which may explain why lunatics and lunacy seem to be heightened around the full moon? ” I never thought about that but it makes a heck of a lot of sense!

    I love this post. I almost felt like I was right there with you watching the moon glisten on the waves. Very calming and peaceful. Thanks for sharing it.

    And to answer your question, I normally relax in my room. I have a great view of the sky so if I want a somewhat similar experience, I can have it just by looking out the window. The sunsets are really cool to view!

    I do wish I had a summer house by the beach though. Just to be right there must be quite nice. A girl can dream… maybe I’ll be able to make it come true!

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