Flashback Friday: My Second Guest DJ

Today I was honored to be a guest blogger on T.Wayne’s Flashback Friday over at Joyful Process. Check out my post here.

A Joyful Process

As my regular readers know, every Friday I pick a song or several songs for a Flashback Friday post. This week, I’ve given another blogger a chance to tell us about a song that has a deeper meaning in relation to someone from her past. This week, Elissa from the Embracing My Inner Ginger blog takes a turn on the mic for a really touching story. Let me get out of the way and let her tell you all about it…

When someone leaves you, as in forever, as in leaves this earth, you never truly get over it.  In fact, sometimes the longer they are gone from your presence, the more you realize how much they really meant to you.   The more important they become and sometimes you realize just how much they have really impacted your life.  I mean, made a lasting impression.  That was KC.

KC aka…

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