America is being torn apart and it’s bigger than polictics…

My heart feels heavy lately.  Like I’m on the verge of tears one minute and angry the next.  The continuous posts on Facebook and social media of Donald Trump.  The fact that I have friends and family that are posting racist and hateful posts. Trying to stay open minded and let people have their opinions, but I just can’t justify the fact that people think that Trump is qualified or educated enough to run this country.  I just saddens me that people I love can feel the way they feel.  Can think it’s ok to judge people for the color of their skin and the way they look.  This issue is bigger than Trump or any political candidate for that matter.  It’s the fact that it is tearing apart this country.

I have started deleting people and taking them out of my feed because even though I can love people, I can’t agree with them or their views.  To me some things are not funny but hurtful.  I just can’t take any more hate.  I feel like it is literally breaking my heart little by little.

I want to believe in love.  I want to believe there is still good in this world.  I want to believe that love can overpower fear and hate and violence.  I want to believe that love wins.  Love always wins.

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11 thoughts on “America is being torn apart and it’s bigger than polictics…

  1. We have to believe that love wins. But even more, it has to be shown. To not believe it is to have given up the fight. But I can understand; there is a hateful tide in the country right now. People refuse to look beyond themselves, to see what we have in common is far more important than what divides us. In the candidacy of that man who I shall not name, there isn’t one bit of love in play. Cynicism, playing on the fears of people is not love. Using their ignorance to justify hate, is not love.

    I hope enough people realize that we are better than this. Before it becomes too late.

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  2. We are living in emotional times where fear is in greater control than rational thinking. Many people believe our country lacks leadership and the available upcoming choices in both parties fall short of filling this void. Political leaders need to remember they are elected to represent us; not act as Totalitarian leaders demanding the electorate follow their beliefs and philosophies. On a certain level, this combative juvenile bickering is a good thing, because it will likely lead to divisions in two party politics opening doors for third and fourth party candidates. I am less fearful than you that our current choices will cause irreparable damage. I believe our system of checks and balances will prevent major disruption while creating a “jolt” in the system showing the electorate are more than “sheep” going to the voting polls and choosing democrat this time and republican next time. Shaking things up might create greater accountability and an opportunity for a better future. Sometimes we need to take one step backwards before taking giant leaps forward.
    Stay positive and hopeful. We live in a wonderful country with great opportunity. We need to sometimes protect ourselves from the “noise” to remain positive and focused on achieving a better tomorrow.

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  3. yes, I know the feeling, and these feelings are echoing every where, among the good. Hate is rapidly rooting, in our society to divide all. Well done for erasing your friends when realising the band of values, once shared or thought you shared, no longer held you together.

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